She has many things in accordance along with her brother, along with a fascination with “prettyful” insects, viruses, and you can slime

She has many things in accordance along with her brother, along with a fascination with “prettyful” insects, viruses, and you can slime

Lillian Marie Jillian DeVille are a main profile in new Rugrats Tv series as well as spin off show The Grown!. Lil was Phil’s older twin sister as well as the child from Howard and you may Betty DeVille. She actually is spoken by Kath Soucie.


Lil DeVille lifestyle across the street towards Pickles along with her twin sis Phil. These types of common passion you should never stop the girl from entering constant matches having him, although not, and you can usually hear the woman arguing, “No it’s just not, Phillip!”, whenever she disagrees which have things he says. Lil is up for an enjoyable adventure, and fits the problem with good in her diaper and you will an effective laugh. – Rugrats Dysfunction off Klasky Csupo

It actually was Lil DeVille’s family members whom determined this lady to say her independence and you will get out of your room she informed her sibling Phil. Without a doubt, the reasons was in fact considering popularity: they liked Lil, however, consider their brother try disgusting. But being a dual, Lil wound-up staying up having Phil and you can making one crowd in support of being loyal in order to this lady aunt. As well as the undeniable fact that it now dress differently, Lil has continued to develop a few other quirks that produce this lady much distinct from the woman sis. For one thing, she is sometime superstitious, putting on lucky caps and you can boots she feels will help this lady perform better with the evaluation in school. – Every Grown up! Dysfunction off Klasky Csupo


Lil and her sis Phil was twins that are alike from inside the almost every possible way. Usually dressed to suit, both don pink tees that have black colored pinstripes and you may turquoise outfits (Phil wears a top and you may Lil wears overalls) that have a handkerchief towards leftover top and you will a good duck for the best, and you can each other has actually some brown tresses on top of its oddly-molded thoughts. Lil wears green sneakers, a red bow for her hair with no jeans (adding their diaper just like Tommy Pickles), that will be always removed with ear lobes. Lil was shown become avove the age of Phil by a couple of moments and you will think by herself “prettyful”. Lil and you can Phil together with share an identical hobbies: drinking worms (that they have often called “Chocolates Spaghetti”), pests, and toilet drinking water. In Rugrats Wade Crazy, Lil gave up dining bugs, and you can this woman is looked after him or her immediately following viewing a rose eat an excellent dragonfly. This is why, she tells Phil to not eat them too. They frequently use the complete earliest brands, Phillip and you will Lillian, facing each other whenever arguing or maybe just speaking with one another, or upsetting Tommy Pickles. Its moms and dads, Betty and Howard, commonly confuse both despite long lasting differences, like their ears, the sexes, and you can Lil’s ribbon.


Lil’s a lady infant, this lady has peach surface, and you can a couple of white eyes that have brief black colored people, some white teeth. She wears a green shirt which have black pinstripes, a good turquoise skirt (which have a white handkerchief on the remaining front side and you may a red duck to the right), light foot-duration clothes and you will green sneakers. The smoothness keeps a small amount of brownish hair that have an effective pink bend on the top, constantly combed down. She cannot don shorts, shorts otherwise almost any clothing below her get redirected here dress, exposing light nappy, just as the way Tommy and Kimi establish their diapers. When you look at the Rugrats Go Crazy, she wears an eco-friendly sailor top inside the the same design once the her total skirt, a light undershirt that have a green stripe, and you will a white sailor cap. Years later, hair got longer. Inside 12 months step one, she got a ribbon or rose in her own tresses, in Year 2 and you may forward, she’s a highlight in her own tresses, which may be seen in brand new colors green, yellow, bluish, or red. The girl clothing are different on All Grown! Series, however, she constantly wears a long-sleeved top away from varying shade, usually blue, purple, or pink, pants otherwise a top, and you may large-better sneakers. From inside the “All Growed Right up”, she remaining the woman pink ribbon and you can used a red small-sleeved coat more a green t-shirt that have a red-colored duck in it, a blue bracelet, a bluish dress, and you will red shoes. In the 1st pair periods of all the Grown up!, their jacket try purple, the woman undershirt are light, the girl dress are red, and her bow and you can bracelet was red-colored.  She after transformed so you’re able to a reddish flower in her own tresses, a green enough time-sleeved blouse, light blue trousers that have X’s on it, and brown shoes.


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